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About Us

Port Jefferson Coffee Roasters

We are a small batch wood-fired gourmet coffee roasting business serving you the freshest beans possible. We started this coffee business because we could not find good coffee in the stores in the south, unlike the northwest.  My husband, youngest son and I attended a coffee class at a Florida State Park over 10 years ago.  We got to watch them roast and we learned where all coffees are grown, which is 15 degrees above and below the equator.  I can say because of that class, we were hooked!  We began roasting 50lbs of coffee beans from around the world and sharing them with family and friends.

We knew we were on to something really special because everyone was asking for more of our roasted coffee.  My husband convinced a dear friend of his to assist him in learning everything there was to learn about roasting coffee.  They both went to Honduras where they made great contacts with farm owners and made other contacts to ship coffee beans to us to the port in Houston, Texas.  So they opened a business in Nacogdoches, Texas and ran it successfully for three years until covid shut it down.  A few years later, our son and his wife, Jarod & Janna Hanson, opened Port Jefferson Coffee Roasters in Jefferson, Texas in November of 2022.  We now produce medium, dark, espresso and many different flavors from organic concentrated oils.  We sell it whole bean, ground and k-cups for Keurig users. We are proud to say we provide many surrounding businesses their coffee to serve to their customers.  Our main goal is to present the best, freshest and most amazing coffees available in the area. We roast the old fashion way in one of the oldest towns in Texas. 

Jefferson established in 1841.

Contact us for wholesale business pricing. (903) 930-9114